About Us

We are located in Carmichael, California; one of the suburbs of Sacramento California. Carmichael is a multi-ethnic community of 62,000 (2010 census). Carmichael's Marconi Blvd/El Camino Blvd, corridor is considered to be one of the most dense in terms of number of churches (of all denominations) per capita in the U.S.  River Life Fellowship of AMC is at the Marconi Blvd locale.

Ark Mission Church was founded in 1989 as a Korean Ministry Presbyterian (PCA) Church.  As the name states, we are an evangelical mission-driven church that seek out and bring Christ's Good News to those in our community and throughout the world. Our church supports those faithful, serving, and brave Christian missionaries around the world; many of them serving under hostile and secret circumstances. Our current KM (Korean Ministry) is pastored by Reverend Daniel Kim. The service is in the Korean Language. The web site is www.arkmissionchurch.org 

Our EM (Multi-ethnic English speaking Ministry) began in 1995. Our EM changed its name to RLF (River Life Fellowship) in 2008. Our RLF vision statement is to Love God, Love the Church, Love the Community.  RLF is a multi-ethnic community ministry serving God through learning, constantly striving to strengthen our faith, caring for those in need, and trying our utmost to live the Christian life according to Christ's Will.

RLF is pastored by Reverend John Choi. Reverend Choi graduated with a B.A. in pastoral studies from Patten University and received a Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Educational Leadership at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in Mill Valley, California. Pastor John likes spending time with his wife and three beautiful daughters, watching movies, and taking walks on trails around the American
River. The
Youth Group is pastored by Pastor Matthew Mobley. The youth are mostly Korean Americans who immigrated or were born in the States. Most of them are fluent in English and sometimes in Korean as well. Pastor Matthew has a great passion to teach and disciple teens as they walk in their faith with Jesus. Pastor Matthew graduated from California State University Stanislaus with a B.A. in Criminal Justice, with a concentration in Juvenile Justice, and is currently working on an M. Div. in Biblical studies at Western Seminary in Rocklin, CA. He enjoys reading, studying, playing any kind of sport, and hiking with his wife Maria.

In addition to KM (Korean Ministry), RLF (River Life Fellowship), and Youth Group (Salt-Shakers), Children's Ministry, we are also supporting SAS (Saransthan Association of Sacramento).  SAS is a Bhutanese Ministry serving Bhutanese refugee immigrants from the country of Napal.  SAS is a Pentecostal worship service in which our Ark Mission Church (PCA) provides for them a place of worship, transportation, and scholarships.

Here is the Four Spiritual Laws to follow